Games Design Courses

Thanks to the way the web has evolved over the past ten years you no longer have to physically travel to and live near a specialist university or college to learn how to design games for the web, mobile or console. There are plenty of premium online courses you can enrol in which will give you the platform required to get into the games industry. We have listed some of the most comprehensive and well regarded of these below:

  • Full Sail Online Games University – An award winning university for game production training Full Sail offer a whole array of online courses targeted at starting a successful career in the games industry. Their course list currently includes:
    • Computer Animation
    • Creative Writing for Entertainment
    • Digital Cinematography
    • Game Art
    • Game Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Mobile Development
    • Web Design and Development
    • They even offer an online course training calculator to estimate the costs of enrolling in one of their programmes. Find out how much it will cost you here.
  • Train to Game – A company dedicated to providing games design courses, based in the UK they provide online courses for students so their courses are available to study from anywhere in the world. They cover the main part of the games industry with their courses which currently are:
    • Games Artist and Animator
    • Games Designer
    • Games Developer
    • Games Tester
  • Actionscript Training (to learn how to design games for the web in flash): Flash gaming is huge right now and it still has a promising future if you are looking to develop games independently. Alternatively you can learn about designing interactive applications for the Android or iOS.