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Free Game Design leads the way for start up’s

wake up the box 3

If there was ever an ideal example of the opportunities available to web game designers in today’s market we only have to look as far as free online games created by young passionate gamers in their homes out of flash.

Flash has been around for a while now and it had a long standing history with games much before Adobe purchased the software rights from Macromedia. With a history that exceeds twenty years it has come along way in it’s capabilities for producing games. Over the past seven years in particular games have been thriving due to flash, with developers creating and monetizing flash games with the help of gaming portals.

Game developers and portals come together to monetize popular games together. Developers get paid for a primary sponsor to put their logos in the games and to exclusively host the games for a certain period of time before they go viral. The sponsor in return generates revenue from advertising placed around those games on their site. Both parties win and help fuel the growth of a solid advertising niche.

This has allowed young gamers to create careers from themselves working from home. Just take a look at portals such as Armor Games and Newgrounds. Both started and still run by guys with a passion for gaming and coding. Now both portals lie in the top 1000 visited sites in the world.

Another portal which started later on but is also popular due to the games that it produces is Amoungst other popular games they have created Wake Up The Box series is proving very successful with their latest game being Wake Up The Box 3. These free games are based on puzzle and physics elements. You need to work out the right way to set off a chain reaction with different shapes in order to wake up a sleeping box sat on different platforms.

Puzzle games are very popular with young adults and especially females. Around 55% to 60% of the audience of many free game sites are female. Many females love casual games and are driving the industry forward providing young Students of Web Game Designers with plenty of opportunity to mark out their own future in the industry with very low barriers to entry as a game coder.

We’d advise any one interested in gaming who are seeking a future in the industry to give flash and html5 design a serious consideration. Espcecially HTML5 which we will be covering in another article shortly.

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